Monasteries and Churches in Milos

Monasteries and Churches in Milos

15 July 2019

Panagia tou Kipou

In South Milos, near the Kipos area, we meet the oldest church on the island. The Panagia of the Kipos is built at the Byzantine times, presumably in the 5th century AD. Entering the church, you will see marble portions of the sarcophagus of the Hellenistic years, an element that helps us to calculate the time of its construction.

Agios Ioannis o Siderianos

Agios Ioannis the Sederianos is dated as a monastery since 1582, according to documents that have been identified. Over the centuries, there is much to be said about the history of the monastery, about the miracles of the Saint, but also about various exhibits you will see when you ll visit the monastery. According to popular tradition, it is reported that at the feast of the Saint appeared pirates , whom the world quickly noticed of their presence. Immediately they were shut down in the church and after prayers and requests the door was ironed, and pirates could not open it. Then, in the attempt of the pirates to occupy the temple, one of them ascended the roof and tried to target the believers with a gun. His hand, however, froze and the pistol fell into the temple.

Panagia Tourliani

We could find her on the hill above Klima, in the settlement Klimatovouni. The view from up there towards the entrance to the bay and the villages, is fantastic, especially in the afternoon when the sun sets. In its altarpiece there are very old icons.


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