Alternative Holidays in Milos

Alternative Holidays in Milos

17 July 2019

The islands are mainly for relaxation, beaches, gastronomy and nightlife. Not that you will not find them here, but on Milos you can enjoy your most extreme hobby!

Trekking – Hiking

Milos has the largest "network" on trails. The choices are countless as long as you can choose your own path and pass through the whole island!

There are definitely specific trails, so if you are a beginner or you do not want to be lost on the dirt roads of Milos, you should follow them.

As a first choice, you can start from the Catacombs, visit the Roman theater and the Prophet Elias and end up at Aphrodite of Milos. The trail is short and easy. In just 45 minutes, walking almost 2.5 km away, you are from the Catacombs to Aphrodite of Milos.

If you are a more extreme type and you are dealing with trekking, we recommend a five-hour journey from the mines to Vani to Agia Marina, a distance of 12 kilometers. From Vani, discover the dirt road of Xyrokampos, pass the hunting trail to reach the Fatournena lagoon, and from there uphill to the last station, Agia Marina.

There is also a 2-hour intermediate trail, covering a distance of 5 kilometers, from Zephyria to Agia Kyriaki beach. You start from Zafria to the airport to cross between two hills, part of the volcano, and from there you will go to a landscape that looks like a meadow. The route ends soon after, reaching the beach of Agia Marina.


As for the climbing fields in Milos, there are two.

The first is located in the Vani area and consists of a huge rock with two fields. It is the "Tourla tou Vaniou" divided into two routes. In the "Hands of Aphrodite" and "Gerodemonas". Degree of difficulty: 3+ and 4-. The first route is on a smooth, mostly plate, and the route is not particularly easy if you are not catching large notches. The second route is on the same rock to the right. It is considered to be one of the best climbing fields in Greece and it is really wonderful for someone to climb a volcanic rock, which due to morphology, is quite soft.

The second field is "Glaronisia", three islands near Pollonia. The lava has given them a distinct and special morphology and they are the only basalt islands.

On these routes, it is advisable to climb using all the necessary climbing equipment and not to go free. Perhaps at some point you enjoy the landing at sea, so be sure you will not get injured!

Enduro – Motorcycling

For lovers of the earth paths, Milos is a paradise! Enjoy your hobby, you are on vacation and then dive into unique beaches. What a pleasure...

The routes vary in difficulty, the scenery is wonderful and the Milos Motorcycle Club is waiting for you to discover every route! You pass by the waves, through the heart of Milos and discover wonderful off road trips.

The ascent to Profitis Ilias is wonderful and impressive, as you enjoy the scenery towards Kleftiko. Another route is from Plaka to the quiet beach of Trachila, while a third is from Emborio to the old mines.

Of course on as many beaches as access is almost impossible from dry land, the enduro will take you out of the way! Even if you encounter forbidden signs, for example, to the mines, this motorcycle will take you out. Signage is not one of the positive aspects of the island, because at most of the routes are either incorrectly positioned or absent!


Milos has wonderful beaches, famous for its waters and ideal for scuba diving! Caves, shipwrecks and rare species on the seabed of the island await you to explore. The wonderful seabed of Milos is waiting for you to discover it with safe dives!

Extreme sports, adrenaline and alternative holiday activities alien than usual! Experience the best experiences in Milos. Stay close to nature and enjoy all the activities that generously offer this wonderful island.


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