Become Greek islander!

We re-discover the Greek islands in depth. Excitement, thirst for exploration and love for the Greek islands is all we have to do as a group to convey the most special experience. Gastronomy, culture, beaches, architecture local customs blend together to give you the most valuable information, all the experience for the most special holidays you can have!

What stands out on every island?

What stands out on every island?

Can you tell us through your own experience all do's and don'ts, what is worth seeing and what not at the Greek islands. Not all islands fit for everyone! Some places are more suitable for travelers tha travel with a pet, other areas of the same island have better infrastructure for people with disabilities and in other locations someone could enjoy extreme sports! Where will we finally go? Each island has its own highlights and its own magic. Discover it and share it first!

We recommend top preferred destinations

We recommend top preferred destinations

Where to find top beaches for windsurfing and watersports? The best hiking trails. Which island has the best vegan dishes? Which beaches have hot and which cold water? Do you travel alone, with your company or with your mate? Which is the best island for these categories of traveler?

Join the most crazy team!

Join the most crazy team!

Share true experiences in the most hidden places, in the most unknown beauties, in every corner of the Greek islands and in the real highlights. Where are the most frantic parties, what are the most cosmopolitan places and what are the hidden places suitable for couples in love?

We collect and share experiences!

We collect and share experiences!

Memories and emotions are what you will remember. The tan fades away! Explore the island as a native and become a guru, share your experiences and give all the feedback through your own eyes! s it worthwhile to go to Mykonos, Santorini or somewhere else? Who are the protagonist and the magnet of every island? Which are the best destinations for families with young children?

More reasons to join

Do you like food?

Food Experiences, food stories, food travelers. The best dishes, the most hospitable hosts, the most in-hangs, ancient traditions and travel through food and local tastes! Do you have the appetite for more? Live with us the most delicious experiences!

Are you a travel guru?

Are you an expert in communication? Do you know all the inhabitant of the island, the best hangouts, everything about lifestyle, shopping and staying in the Cyclades or you are willing to learn them? Interpersonal interaction sets the foundation for an integrated communication strategy! PR is waiting for you!

Is photography your passion?

Capture the moment! Unique stories through great pictures. Adventure, laughter, wandering and unexpected events are imprinted on realistic images but also unique videos! Fantastic landscapes and architecture, romance, frantic parties, but also epic fails,are waiting to be captured!

Where to go for a swim?

Coastal experiences, beach bars, seasides! The beaches are a point of reference for every island. Which have cold and which hot waters? Which are shallow and which deepen abruptly? Sand, pebbles, stones, organized or isolated? For water sports or for peace of mind? Where are we going to dive? Let us know your favorite beaches!

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